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Court-Ordered Paternity Test

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Birth Certificate Application. For births that occurred within the past 75 years, copies can be requested only by the immediate family of the person whose name is on the birth certificate.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Cook County

Marriage Licenses. Jan Present. Marriage License Application. State office does marriage verification only! Divorce Decree.

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  6. My mother is on the contact list and she stoped reciveing update letters once my sister turned I would really love to contact her seeing as i was the only child after my sister. I just want her to know we have been trying looking for her for so long and that even though we dont know you we still love you and cant wait to meet you. Im looking for someone named Paul Henry something I dont know his last name.

    County Clerk:

    At the Time His parents the adopted ones were a social worker and a lawyer. His birth mothers name was Margaret Ryder aka Billie Ryder.

    Welcome to the Texas.gov Vital Records Application

    I am looking for him because he is my half brother and I would like to meet him or at least know who he is and for him to know who I am. Im not sure if he knows he is adopted but if someone can help me I would really appreciate it. I dont know where to start searching and it is hard because this took place in texas while Im in a different state. My name is robert and I was born July 30, in bell county tx to sandra darlen bulis. My mother married my stepdad john myers in and he adopted me in in hunt county texas.


    Greg Abbott

    I have been searching for the identity of my birth father for over 25 yrs without success. My family has been no help and refuses to help me find himf. Any help would be appreciated. Hi, I am trying to help my boyfriend find his half brother who was placed for adoption after his birth mothers rights were relinquished.

    I have the child in questions birth name, DOB, and his fathers name. My boyfriend does not know where or how to begin his search, he just wants to meet him and see how things go from there. My name is Amy when I was 17 my parents forced me to put my child up for adoption. I am and have always been desperate to find my child.

    Denton County Birth and Death Certificates - Denton County, Texas

    Payment can only be made with a credit card or major-brand debit card Visa, MasterCard. Once your order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. If the record requested is not found, the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. To request records in person or through alternative methods, or to request amendments to birth or death records, follow the instructions on the Texas Vital Statistics website. To request vital records from other states, visit the National Center for Health Statistics website.