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Also, if the minor is high school age, a current state or school photo ID must be presented. Up to three children can be accompanied by one adult.

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You will have to submit a new application if the inmate was discharged and then re-incarcerated. Once the application is received, a background check will be conducted to determine if the applicant is approved for visiting privileges. Applicants must call the Visitor Information Center at or email: doc.

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Please allow seven 7 business days after submitting an application to inquire about the status. If you have been DENIED approval for the reasons noted in points 3 and 4 below, you may reapply, but only if your mandatory waiting period has expired.

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The applicant provided invalid, inaccurate or unverifiable information on the Visitor Application. The applicant is a minor 17 years of age or under. The applicant is: 4.

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On house arrest. On bond, has an open criminal case, excluding misdemeanor traffic cases.

DPSCS - Division of Corrections

The applicant has an outstanding warrant, including ICE detainers or has failed to maintain accurate registration records as required by law e. The applicant has a protective order placed on the inmate they are requesting to visit.

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Any safety or security reasons as determined by a CCSO supervisor. Visitors are required to follow Cook County Department of Corrections visitor rules and regulations at ALL times while on facility grounds. This information can change quickly. Therefore, the information may not reflect the true current location, release date, status, or other information regarding an offender.

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While the information is believed to be accurate, the WV Division of Corrections makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information. Further the WV Division of Corrections assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any of the information provided. Due to issues relating to the conversion of existing data, the latest or most complete information may not always be available. The sentencing information herein contained is not intended for the purposes of reflecting the events of the underlying criminal action. Reference should be made to the records of any court having jurisdiction over the offender. Any person, agency or entity, public or private, who reuses, publishes or communicates the information available from this server shall be solely liable and responsible for any claim or cause of action based upon or alleging an improper or inaccurate disclosure arising from such reuse, re-publication or communication, including but not limited to actions for defamation and invasion of privacy.